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guitar legends and rock legends original  art by rock legends uk
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Radiation,EMF,Shungite,Health,Health,Jewellry,pendants,bracelets,safety,energy devices,wifi,protection,
Radiation,EMF,Shungite,Health,Health,Jewellry,pendants,bracelets,safety,energy devices,wifi,protection,Radiation,EMF,Shungite,Health,Health,Jewellry,pendants,bracelets,safety,energy devices,wifi,protection,
SHUNGITE EMF Protection and Health
Do it right - build a Shungite Field around you - protect yourself ,your Family and Friends
Shungite Pyramids-Silver and Gold saturated
with 99.9% silver and Gold satuarated Shungite Powder
Shungite possesses absorption activity (the ability to absorb substances from the environment in your Home
and electronic devices
Bucky - Pyramid

made with 99.9% silver  saturated Elite Shungite
place near your - phone -  laptop - TV
PRICE:   £ 25.00
postage for uk mainland included
PRICE:   £ 12.00
postage for uk mainland included
shungite pyramids.emf protection,radiation,health,children,wifi,computers,mobile networks,shungite pyramids.emf protection,radiation,health,children,wifi,computers,mobile networks,
SIZE: Base 35mm x 35mm  -  Base to top 45mm
SIZE: Base 40mm x 40mm  -  Base to top 27mm
Shungite pyramids are the most popular shungite items all over the world. The shape of the Egyptian pyramid is known for its magical properties that make the pyramid have the great positive influence on everything that surrounds it. Apart from being one of the most effective toolagainst electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation and geopathic zones, shungite pyramids provide you with the protection of your body and soul supplying you with positive energy and protecting you from harmful influences.
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