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Radioactive shielding

There are three main types of radiation: alpha beta gamma-ray emission

Any thing, any material object of those around us has a certainamount of radionuclides (not related to the nuclear industry) that candecompose and emit ionizing radiation - the proverbial radiation. Another source of radiation, non-natural and artificialradionuclides, is the cosmic radiation. In the open space, this radiation hastremendous energy, but passing through the atmosphere, greatly weakened and nosignificant effect on the person. With increasing altitude increases and thebackground radiation - so people often travel by air, get a higher dose ofradiation, a greater dose produced astronauts go into space. The most dangerous is the radiation - gamma rays, it has thehighest penetration, its electromagnetic waves are able to pass through thebody. Irradiation with gamma-rays, depending on the dose and durationcan cause chronic and acute radiation syndrome. Stochastic effects of radiationinclude various types of cancer. Gamma radiation is a mutagen and teratogen. Approximately 84.4% of the dose we get only from natural sources. 15.3% - from medical sources, 0.3% - from man-made sources (powerplants and other enterprises of the nuclear industry here also included theeffects of nuclear explosions). In the structure of natural sources of radoncan be identified (50.9% of the total dose), terrigenous radiation due toradionuclides present in the soil (15.6%), cosmic radiation (9.8%), andfinally, the internal exposure due radionuclides present in the body(potassium-40, and

Protection Against Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation (electromagnetic waves) - distributed in space perturbation (change of state) of the electromagnetic field (e.g., interacting electric and magneticfields). Electromagnetic radiation can not be seen, and its energy impactcan be of varying degrees and power. Imperceptible from a person (being themost common) to the thermal sensation in the emission of high power. Studies have shown that long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation, even relativelylow levels, can cause cancer, memory loss, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer'sdisease, impotence and even increase suicidal. Especially dangerous field forchildren and pregnant women. 15 minutes after the start of work on the computerat 9.10 year old child changes in blood and urine almost coincide with changesin human blood cancer patient? Similar changes are seen in 16-year-oldhalf-hour, an adult - after 2 hours of operation of the monitor. U.S.researchers found: The majority of women working on computers in the pregnancy, the foetus develops abnormally, and the probability of miscarriage close to 80% The most negative feature of electromagnetic signals in the factthat they tend to accumulate in the body over time. People by occupation, manyuse various office equipment,t - computers, telephones (including mobile) - foundlower immunity, frequent stress, decreased sexual activity, fatigue. And that'snot all the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation! Negative radiation sources in the home:
Computer Cell Phone Microwave, fridge Electric range Hairdryer Electric lamp Heater conditioning

External Sources of negative radiation:
Electric transmission line Transformers Electric panel Cable lines Contact the public transport network Tower mobile operators

All the above information is documented and can be seen on the following Link

Rock Legends Art And Emf Protection
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