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guitar legends and rock legends original  art by rock legends uk
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Radiation,EMF,Shungite,Health,Health,Jewellry,pendants,bracelets,safety,energy devices,wifi,protection,energy field protection,mobiles,electromagnetic,radiation,EMF.EMP,
Radiation,EMF,Shungite,Health,Health,Jewellry,pendants,bracelets,safety,energy devices,wifi,protection,
Radiation,EMF,Shungite,Health,Health,Jewellry,pendants,bracelets,safety,energy devices,wifi,protection,Radiation,EMF,Shungite,Health,Health,Jewellry,pendants,bracelets,safety,energy devices,wifi,protection,
SHUNGITE EMF Protection and Health
Do it right - build a Shungite Field around you - protect yourself ,your Family and Friends
Shungite Protection Energy Bowl
Shungite Energy Bowl
Stone Bowl coated with 99.9% silver satuarated shungite Powder
Shungite possesses adsorption activity (the ability to absorb substances from the environment in your Home
PRICE:   £ 48.00
postage for uk mainland included
Size: 130mm (5")diam x127mm deep
weight 734 grms

Pendant with the addition of an elite shungite perfectly fit into any everyday image of its owner. At the same time it will help to cope with a variety of diseases, elevate mood and improve resistance to EMF and stressful situations.
ideal for T-lights,dried Flowers,Jewellry tray................
Just place this Bowl anywhere in your House to create a positive Energy Field
Shungite,emf,radiation protection,water,filter,jewellery.plates.handmade.schungit
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